I can thoroughly recommend County Teachers. Since joining in 2008, they have been professional, supportive and friendly, indeed it is more like working with friends because they always give that personal touch that makes you feel a valued colleague. I look forward to continuing this relationship in the future.

John Styles: Primary School Teacher, March 2012

I can wholeheartedly recommend County Teachers. They provide a friendly but very professional and efficient service. Their support has been invaluable in helping me return to teaching

Bob Ballard: Secondary School Teacher, Feb 2012

It has been a real pleasure working for County Teachers, everyone is very professional in dealing with me. James courteously informs me of what is going on with regards to bookings and this enables me to plan well in advance. I have always been paid promptly which is nice too

Francis Ofori: Secondary School Teacher, Jan 2012

County Teachers have been professional, honest and efficient from the very start. The registration process was handled quickly and I felt part of the team immediately. Within a week of registering I was offered work. I have been kept informed of the current employment climate, and unlike other agencies, i have not had to keep chasing them! I am very happy that I joined them

Tracy Lewis: Secondary School Teacher, Oct 2011

I really enjoy working for County Teachers and would highly recommend you join them too. They manage to combine a perfect balance of friendliness and professionalism, aiming to place the right teacher in the right school! I wouldn’t want to work for anyone else!

Sue Luscombe: Primary & Secondary School Teacher, Sept 2011

I have been very impressed with County Teachers – they have gone the extra mile to get the best school placements for me and made every effort to make me feel a sought-after teacher in Hertfordshire. First class communication and follow up after each day’s work has made me feel valued and cared for. You never feel alone covering for anyone

Paul Lewis: Secondary School Teacher, Sept 2011

I have worked with County Teachers since April 2010, they have given me more work than anyone else, at higher rates than I have been offered elsewhere and in the type of schools I wanted. I have mainly been liaising with James Campbell and have appreciated his courtesy and efficiency. I look forward to working with County Teachers in the future.

MFL French & Spanish Teacher, Aug 2011

I have found County Teachers to be an excellent agency to work for. They worked hard to find me three teaching positions within the first few weeks of working with them. The assigned schools matched my criteria really well and the support given by the County Teachers team was professional, pro active and friendly. I would highly recommend them.

Penny May: EYFS Teacher, Aug 2011

I found the whole process of registering with County Teachers to be fast, friendly, efficient and professional. In virtually next to no time I was working in my local area and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any teacher looking for supply work.

Tony Hackett: Middle & Secondary School Teacher, May 2011

I registered with County Teachers after getting little work from another large agency. I was offered work very quickly and have found them both professional and supportive. As a result of working through County Teachers I have now found a permanent post. Thank you County.

Diana Harrison: Secondary School Teacher, Sept 2010

I have been very pleased with the efficiency and professionalism of County Teachers since registering.

Sarah Passmore: LSA, Aug 2011

County Teachers made the whole ‘return to teaching’ process a delight and pleasure. It was as simple ‘as falling off a log’. Despite being away from the class room for 30 years, they ‘held my hand’ by helping to complete the registration form and organising my CRB check. In less than 1 month I was back in the classroom. It pays to work with professionals.

David Tuck: Secondary School Teacher, Dec 2010

Two friends suggested I register with County Teachers as they had found them very good. Less than two days after registration I was offered work in two different schools and also given the chance of a longer term opportunity in a third school. I have found their whole approach and attitude refreshing, positive and helpful. Thank you County Teachers!

Ian Scott: Current Supply Teacher

I registered with County Teacher’s last year and I have to say that by far they are the most dedicated and friendly team I have worked with, their friendly and considerate manner is apparent and finding you a placement is on the top of their list! They very quickly offered me day to day work and suggested a long term role the very same day of registering. I would thoroughly recommend County Teachers to anyone looking to supply.

Vicky Sharman: EYFS Teacher, Nov 2011

I have felt that the service is positive, helpful and considerate.

Sidney Williams: Secondary School Teacher, March 2011

Working for County Teachers is a pleasure. The staff are friendly, supportive and efficient. I particularly enjoyed my last placement, I found the work both challenging and rewarding and was made to feel like a valued team member during my time there.

Damien Shotton: LSA, Dec 2010

County Teachers have provided a friendly professional service of which they have understood and met my specific needs as a working mum.

Sarah Worthington: Secondary School Teacher, Oct 2011

When I telephoned County Teachers to register with them for applying for teaching jobs, I was greeted very warmly and was very quickly given an interview and emailed to bring all the relevant documents with me for interview. At the interview I was given forms to fill in and left to do this in a separate room and when completed, my hopes were raised that I would soon be getting phone calls from schools requesting my services after my CRB had been updated – so I await on this and hope that it won’t be too long before I get a phone call from County Teachers with offers of jobs! I felt I was treated well and wish them good luck in the future.

Linda Colton: Primary School Teacher, Feb 2011

I have been delighted with County Teacher’s since signing up for supply teaching vacancies. Their dedicated and friendly experts quickly found me day to day work and a long term role that I am currently employed in. I would recommend County Teachers to anybody looking for supply work.

Richard Whitehouse: Primary School Teacher, July 2010

County Teachers were enormously helpful when I returned to teaching after over 10 years away. Although primary trained, they showed me how my skills could be used to teach to a wider age range, and found me positions in schools within days of my joining them. I have now been working in supply for three years, and it is thanks to County that I am firmly back in the profession.

John Birch: Current Supply Teacher

I applied to work with County Teachers in September, having finished my PGCE in the summer. The interview process and administrative work were conducted in a very friendly and relaxed manner. Work from County Teachers came through very quickly. The team have always offered information on each new school I have been sent to and they have tried to cater to the age groups I prefer to teach. The schools have been good schools with friendly children and staff. The County Teachers team, including senior management, have frequently called to see how I have been getting on. This was a very nice touch not often seen from companies. Throughout my time working for County Teachers I found the staff to be very friendly, supportive and ready to help – you will always be paid promptly – and they go the extra mile to provide a superior service. I would definitely recommend this agency to other NQTs looking to do supply work

Teresa Evans: Primary School Teacher, Nov 2010

Signing a contract with County Teachers was one of the best moves of my life. I had work consistently and gained a lot of experience in many different schools. The support I received from the ‘County Team’ helped overcome any nervousness I felt on going into a new school. After a year working with County Teachers I felt much more confident in my teaching. The experience I gained made me much more able to deal with the different situations I came across. I would recommend anyone to join County Teachers you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Charles Smith:Current Supply Teacher

I have been working for County Teachers for over two years and am always happy to do occasional supply work for James at the Baldock office. He is always most polite and efficient. He understands that I have other commitments and never presses me to take on more work than I require. I would recommend your agency to supply teachers and hope that the company goes from strength to strength.

Clare Lawrence: Current Supply Teacher

James Campbell of County Teachers in Baldock has been extremely helpful to me over the last two years, in regularly placing me at schools which suit my subject specialisms, my aptitudes and my experience. I am regularly offered work by him at local schools in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Bucks. near to where I live, where I can always arrive early in the morning, where I always manage to enjoy the teaching assignments, and frequently enjoy positive working relationships with the teachers and other professionals who work in those institutions. I could not ask for more in this respect James’ manner is always polite, his approach encouraging, and his work professional. He always endeavours to make my working conditions mangeable and comfortable, however untimely my requests. He always offers me the information and directions I require to make a successful start to the working day. I hope to work for County teachers for the foreseeable future, and look forward to James overseeing and organising my working schedules accordingly. I feel confident that James will soon find me another permanent post at a local school where I can again enjoy a long-term relationship with that institution, and can work successfully to the benefit of both County Teachers and myself.

Keith Price: Current Supply Teacher

It is a pleasure working with County Teachers – we have confidence in their abilities to provide us with teachers of a high standard to suit the needs of our school. We have built a good relationship, and it is excellent to know that Chloe and Ashley will respond to our requests for supply cover quickly and efficiently. Keep up the good work!

Sally Jenkins: Wilbury Junior School

I joined County Teachers at the beginning of my teaching career and have found their support outstanding. Most notably, their ability to provide me with a good range and number of positions best suited to my experience.

James Davies: Primary School Teacher, Sept 2012

County Teachers, a professional, efficient service.  Helpful and friendly staff and very good client care.

Joanna Murray: Primary School Teacher, July 2012

I have recently registered with County Teachers. Paperwork was dealt with in timely manner and they got me an assignment from Day One, immediately followed by another longer term post which met all my requirements. The team is friendly, efficient and genuinely ready to help.

Sophie R-E: MFL Teacher, Jan 2013

County teachers are friendly, professional and efficient. They are quick to offer suitable positions and always follow up at the end of the day. I feel appreciated, valued and special

Lorraine Baylis: MFL Teacher, Feb 2013

I have found County Teachers to be a friendly, efficient and supportive team to work with and I am happy to recommend them without reservation

Gillian Wald: Science Teacher, Jan 2013

Since I was appointed as Headteacher at ???? College in January 2012, I have had cause to authorize the securing of supply teachers to cover for absent colleagues from our school. Each time we have requested teachers from County Teachers, we have received a prompt and courteous response. The teachers supplied to us have always been of high quality and ‘fit for purpose’. The fees charged are reasonable and the quality of service is very good. Put simply, we can rely on them! We shall continue to use County teachers to meet our ‘supply’ needs in the future, although hopefully, this will not be too often.

Headteacher: Middle School, Beds

County teachers are a small, well organised and efficient company providing constant support. I met Chloe and James in person at the start, have had daily contracts leading to longer term work in my subject. I’ve been impressed by the consistent, friendly professionalism from all their team throughout. They keep their promises.

Carolyn Green: Art Teacher, March 2013

I have had a long and productive working relationship with County Teachers. I have found their service to be highly professional and efficient.  I have a very good working relationship with James Campbell, who is helpful, conscientious and who I have received good long term placements from.  I will be continuing to work with County Teachers in the future.

Dickon Kille: Science Teacher, March 2013

James, Maisie and Chloe at County Teachers have been fantastic since meeting and registering back In January 2013. They have kept me closely informed of developments and are obviously very organised and efficient. Clearly, thay have great contacts and professional relationships with schools within Baldock, Stevenage and the surrounding areas as they were able to secure me long term work within a month. I have no problem at all recommending this great team to anyone.

Rupert Snow: History Teacher, March 2013

I am very pleased with how County Teachers has worked hard to find work for me. They have always kept me informed about my situation, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to a friend

Garry Rooney: Maths Teacher, April 2013

“Always friendly and yet also well organised. Good luck!”

Mandy Dzimitrowicz: Business Studies Teacher, June 2013

County teachers have been professional and a accommodating throughout my time working with them.  The meetings to register were relaxed and informative. Whilst, the communication from them is second to none, with plenty of time given for bookings and they can also act as an alarm some mornings!

Martin Conway: Pe Teacher, July 2013

“It has been a pleasure to work with County Teachers. In the time I have been working with them I have built up an extremely good relationship. They ensure your interests are put first, and have excellent communication links, keeping you informed of any upcoming work. I couldn’t wish for a better company to work for!”

Ellie Williamson: Pe Teacher, July 2013

I cannot praise County Teachers highly enough. They continually provide me with varied teaching opportunities and are constantly on the look-out for suitable positions. Their friendly manner and utmost professionalism make them a pleasure to work for.

Martin Burke: Business Studies and Economics Teacher, July 2013

I registered with County Teachers in Spring 2013 and was offered a placement soon afterwards. All members of staff behave in a friendly and polite manner. Queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently. I find the team to be highly organised and professional and would recommend them unreservedly to anyone looking for teaching supply work

Christoph Knopfel: Music Teacher, Sept 2013

“I regard James’ as more of a friend than just a work colleague and it’s been a pleasure to have known him this past 5 years. He has always been supportive, helpful and totally professional and I’m glad to have this opportunity to thank him and wish him well!”

John Styles: Primary School Teacher, Sept 2013

I have only met James once when he interviewed me but he was so lovely and generous he made me feel part of a team straight away. Since then he has been nothing but encouraging and supportive and it is a pleasure to work for County teachers. He always has what I call a “Smiley face voice” on the phone – even when it’s too early and he needs me to get up and run. Congratulations James on ten years.

Christine Bozwood-Davies: Music Teacher, Sept 2013

I really enjoyed working with County Teachers during summer term 2013. The people are really helpful and pleasant to speak with alongside finding me work.

Lyn Gradwell: Science Teacher, Oct 2013

County teachers are the best agency I have found in terms of professionalism.  They are fast, intuitive and will find you the work you are looking for with a base of good schools.  The office staff are friendly, approachable and use texts and email as well as calling which I find particularly useful during a busy school day.  I highly recommend them to any teacher who would prefer to go to schools where there will be lesson plans and resources left, and also to people who have particular requirements e.g. can only work certain days/times in the year.

Elska Theagaraj-Neven: Primary School Teacher, Oct 2013

County Teachers is a brilliant agency.  The staff are professional and friendly and they have got some fantastic bookings for me.  They give feedback on how assignments have gone and are always on the lookout for appropriate work for you. Well done.

Cathy Baker: KS2 Teacher, Dec 2013

“County Teachers are a great agency to work for. A professional,  friendly and supportive team,  always willing to help. I would definitely recommend County Teachers to anyone looking for an agency.”

Julia Gentry: Art Teacher, Jan 2014

I joined County Teachers in September 2013. Since then I have had regular work including ‘A’ level Chemistry which is my specialism. The agency have ensured that I have had block supply and I have taught the first half term in one school and the second in another. I am currently back in my first placement contracted to July 2014. The agency staff are very professional and there is always someone available to talk with and discuss any problems or issues.

Joe McNally: Science Teacher, Jan 2014

I joined County Teachers at the end of February 2014 and since then I have been kept busy in a variety of roles in primary, middle and secondary schools (they do say
variety is the spice of life and James and Maisie have sent me on assignments that are both challenging and rewarding in all key stages).  I get requests to return to the schools so we must all be doing something right. I have always found the whole team to be friendly, courteous and professional at all times and they have worked hard to find me roles that suit my requirements. Thanks to everyone at County Teachers, keep up the good work.

Lorraine Jordan: Design and Technology Teacher, May 2014

County Teachers is a great agency to work for and I recommend it to anyone looking for teaching work! As an NQT, supply work has opened many doors for me and from regular work I have become part of a school permanently. The team are so organised and efficient, communicating in a way that suits you, as well as allowing flexibility to how you work. Joining County Teachers was with out a doubt the best decision I have ever made!

Stephanie Cawsey: Primary School Teacher, May 2014

County Teachers, what can I say? All the usual things like professional, organised and courteous. What about the unusual things? How about: that “they” are on your side; they play to your strengths looking for assignments that will suit you; you get regular friendly calls to check how things are going. Who are these “they”? James has been my consultant for the last four years through thick and thin (looking at my waistline mostly thick) always on the lookout for the next assignment. Chloe has looked after the legal stuff, making CRB and DBS etc a less troublesome process. Would I recommend them? You bet.

Andrew Harris: Science Teacher, June 2014

County Teachers are a friendly and professional agency, who worked hard on my behalf, I would recommend them to any teacher looking for supply work or permanent positions.

Kate Hebblethwaite: Geography Teacher, July 2014

The team at County Teachers are most reliable. Jobs are carefully matched to individual circumstances, and the team will promptly relay information between schools and teachers to give necessary feedback. I have been very much impressed with the speedy allocation to matching schools and the accuracy and promptness of payment. I would highly recommend County Teachers as an efficient and friendly agency to work for.

Theodora Banks: Primary School Teacher, Oct 2014

I recently joined County Teachers and have had nothing but a positive experience. The team is professional, approachable, reliable, friendly and hard working. The whole process from the time of joining to getting assigned work has been a smooth and efficient one. The team at County Teachers took initiative to understand my personal circumstances, ambition and interest and managed to find me placements that met my requirements. Therefore, I would recommend County Teachers to all looking for an honest, friendly and reliable agency to work for. 

Sital Shah: Primary School Teacher, Jan 2015

I have worked with County Teachers for some 5-6 years and it is always a pleasure to represent CT. This is a company which has always provided me with regular work for both daily supply work and other short/longer term work with no time sheet to fill or other unnecessary forms to fill to be paid. I would recommend County Teachers to all on the supply circuit. 

Rama Koshal: RE Teacher, Jan 2015

I have been registered with County Teachers now for 2 years and in that time have developed a strong working relationship and excellent rapport with the team there. They have ensured that I have had almost constant employment, 5 days a week, every week of the academic year and although I am registered with other agencies, County are always in first with the best offers. James, my main contact at County, has always given me the feeling that he puts my best interests first and is fighting my corner to ensure that not only do I get the jobs, but that I get the highest remuneration possible. I could not recommend any other agency nearly so highly.

Barry Freeman: History/English Teacher, Jan 2015

This bunch are good, they have always given me a credable low down on the school they are offering work at – they email you the contact, postcode and any other stuff you need, they are always freindly and understanding even if you are the hardest person to place in work (and I probably am). They are good guys if you want to work! Thank you County Teachers! 

Maggie Edwards: ICT Teacher, Jan 2015

Working for County Teachers has been a great experience for me. The consultants they have working for them are friendly and extremely hard-working. Just from my experiences of day to day cover with County Teachers over the year and a half I was working for them, they are clearly very well established within a number of counties. Thanks to County Teachers I have now secured a full time position. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for consistant work.

Callum Russell: PE Teacher, Jan 2015

The great thing about working with County Teachers is to deal with a team who genuinely cares about you. They are always fast at coming back to you – in a very friendly approach – to discuss any query or issue. They also try their very best to provide you with as much work as possible. Last but not least, you feel that they value your hard work and effort and that’s quite motivating!

Saida Goutel: MFL Teacher, Feb 2015

I have really enjoyed working for County teachers. The school that I was placed in was one of the best I have worked, and I would gladly work there again if asked. In terms of finding assignments they were quick and efficient, and gave good advice when needed. I would recommend County Teachers.

Andrew Neal: Primary TA, March 2015

I have worked with County Teachers for the past 9 months and I am more than impressed with the service provided. They are professional, fast and reliable as well as friendly and caring. They have worked very hard to find work for me day after day, always taking into account my personal circumstances. I highly recommend County Teachers. Thank you all at County Teachers!

Lidia Bugia-Garrido: Spanish Teacher, July 2015

From the moment I registered an interest with County Teachers I have been hugely impressed with their level of commitment and professionalism. They have always strived to communicate really effectively, offering honest advice and support at every turn.
I have been fortunate enough to be in a school for a term, where I have had a great experience and I have recommended to the school that they continue to use County Teachers as their go-to recruiters!
Thanks to Chloe and Maisie for doing such a great job!

Clare Smith: Primary Teacher, November 2015

I approached County Teachers because I was interested in doing some supply work.
I was very nervous and felt worried about going into new schools and different year groups. However, County Teachers were fantastic at helping me and made this supply experience very positive.  I feel they have links with some lovely schools and so far I have had the opportunity to learn something new from each and every school I have been to.
Their warm welcome and support has resulted in me feeling confident to go in to any school and teach any year group.
There are a number of factors I like about County Teachers, for example they are so easy to contact and always a text or phone call away.
They always show their appreciation and say kind words for helping them and working with them.
I feel they have always prioritized my needs and always tried to accommodate accordingly, such as providing me a full day’s work when I requested or trying to keep me local. They have introduced an online portal telling us when and where we will be working and we can also inform them about our availabilities, which I think is a fantastic idea and really helpful.
I found the experience with County Teachers so far to be brilliant and I would recommend them to anyone looking to do supply work.
Thank you Maisie, Chloe and James.

Aisha Abdul: Primary Teacher, November 2015

County Teachers have been a fantastic agency to work with. I have only been working with County since September 2015 and during this time; I have found them to be professional, caring, friendly and supportive. I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of different local Primary schools and year groups. I thoroughly recommended them to other teachers.

Many thanks to Maisie, Chloe and the team.

Sue Bishop: Primary Teacher, November 2015

County teachers has given me the opportunity to fulfill my teaching career together with my coaching one. A friendly professional team with excellent back up services. Thank you all for what you have provided me so far! 

Ambrus Pinter: PE Teacher, Feb 2016

I started working for County Teachers in September 2015 and it has worked out very well for me. It is great that I can vary my work pattern from week to week. Not only does this give me variety but allows me to fit in the unexpected in my home life, as a mother of teenagers. The team is extremely helpful and easy to talk to.  I have been offered  plenty of  work,  but at the same I have been able to achieve my ideal work/life balance by having the option to accept and decline.  I am very pleased that I have been working for them on a regular basis and enjoy visiting the different schools in Hertfordshire. Thank you Maisie and Chloe!

Jennifer Fredricksen: Primary & MFL Teacher, Feb 2016

CT are a lovely agency to work with. They have taken time to understand the type of work I prefer and have found work for me that I have really enjoyed in schools that have welcomed and supported me.  CT have also be very understanding during a period when my availability for work has been unpredictable.

Sally Charter: Primary Teacher, Feb 2016

 I had an interview immediately, then given an interview with a school within a week. Now I’m working at the school, County Teachers still contact me to see if I’m OK or to answer any questions. They are really reliable”

Amanda Miller: Teaching Assistant, Feb 2016

County Teachers are a really pleasant and personable bunch of people who do a good job and are a pleasure to work with.’

Jon Clark: Cover Supervisor, Feb 2016

I found the staff at County Teachers very friendly and easy to work with. My agent was always happy to talk through any issues I had and followed through with any requests.

Julie Walters: Primary Teacher, Feb 2016

The agency were very kind and supportive throughout the process. They laid on a lot of work and I successfully got a full time position thanks to them. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Robert Lacey: Primary Teacher, Feb 2016

County Teachers have been instrumental in helping finding full time permanent work. They have been professional, friendly and did everything they could to find schools and cover to suit my skills and interests. They were always at the end of a phone too, giving encouragement as well as support. It’s been a real pleasure working with them!

Amanda Humphrey: PE Teacher, June 2016

I’ve had a fantastic experience with County Teachers and after a particularly difficult time at my last job, they helped me to regain my confidence in myself and in teaching, which resulted in me gaining a permanent position. I cannot thank them enough for their time and effort.

Branka Moss: Primary Teacher, July 2016

Working for County Teachers has been a great experience. It has been wonderful working with people who are professional and have high standards but also are kind and always willing to answers any questions and deal with any queries I have had.

Modupe Ajayi: Primary Teacher, July 2016

County Teachers have been incredibly supportive. You could feel isolated as a supply but I have been made to feel that there is always someone at the agency to help and support, which helps me to enjoy supply a lot more!

Jonny Edwards: Primary Teacher, Nov 2016

County Teachers have been awesome. They have always tried their hardest to accommodate my preferences and provide me with enough work.


Eddie Shingleton: Primary Teacher, Nov 2016

I have been delighted with the exceptional professionalism of County Teachers in helping me to find suitable teaching jobs. They go the extra mile. A special word of thanks to my recruitment consultant James Campbell for his fantastic advice and support.

Gary Chambers: Humanities Teacher, Dec 2016

County Teachers have been supporting my placements in Hertfordshire schools since 2016. From the beginning I found Maisie, Chloe and the team a pleasure to work with. They have been an incredible support to me and have continually offered me placements in schools that fit my characteristics and experience. After five years teaching in Ireland,  I had many reservations about teaching in the UK with the different curriculum requirements.  County Teachers put me at ease within the first week of employment with them. I look forward to working with the team in the future.

Odhran Gallagher: Primary Teacher, Jan 2017

County Teachers have been extremely helpful and successful in sourcing varied and interesting school and college placements for me, they are always available to assist with any issues that may arise. I would highly recommend them to both NQT and experienced teachers alike

Mark Drabwell: Teacher, March 2017

County Teachers have been my agency for almost a year and during this time I have been impressed by their concern to arrange suitable work for me, showing fairness and consideration at all times. Whenever I ring them they are always willing to afford time to listen and give the sincere impression that the welfare of teachers is important to them.  They provide staff training, arranging courses to keep staff aware of developments.  I am more than happy to work for County Teachers and I feel I am in very good hands!

Glynne Rowlands: Teacher, May 2017

County Teachers have been quick to help me find a new teaching post, and supportive in listening to my needs…from registering with them to getting a new post, took just four weeks. They were constantly in touch helping with admin, encouraging, reassuring and I can say I couldn’t have been in better hands. Thank you so, so much!

Olivia Egdell: Primary Teacher, June 2017

I joined County Teachers after an (almost) 8 year career break.

Maisie and the team have made the transition back to work easy, smooth and hassle free.

The team are extremely approachable and highly professional. They keep me organised and up to date with plenty of work that matches my requirements.

I can sincerely recommend County teachers.


Louise Chaytor: Primary Teacher, June 2017

County Teachers have a strong work ethic: they take time and care to understand my professional preferences and work needs, maintain good working relationships, with both me as a supply teacher and schools I work with, and provide me with opportunities to keep my training up-to-date.

Sally Charter: Primary Teacher, July 2017

As a supply teacher with County Teachers I have felt supported on a daily basis and truly part of a team and this has been enhanced by the C.P.D. courses that are offered. I have taught in schools where I have been truly welcomed as another member of staff and this is due to positive relationships between the parties concerned. I’m looking forward to another year as I’m confident it will be productive for all concerned.

Hazel MacDonald: Primary Teacher, August 2017

“County Teachers were recommended to me by a colleague and I can see why. Within a very short space of time James got me an interview for the perfect part-time job, which I start in January, and within days of my DBS arriving I was out doing supply work every day. Can’t fault any of the staff at County Teachers and I look forward to continuing to work with them.”

Roz Simmons: English Teacher, November 2017

Having recently joined County Teachers I have been thoroughly impressed by their professionalism.  My consultant, Maisie,  has taken the time to find placements that reflect my experience and made me feel like a valued member of the team. Communication has been excellent and the initial registration process seamless.  For these reasons I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending County Teachers.

Primary Teacher: November 2017

It has been a wonderful experience working for County Teachers. I am very impressed with the professionalism of all the staff, especially James Campbell who has always been a great help. I highly recommend James and County teachers to everyone.

Sonia Salman: Secondary Teacher, December 2017

My recent experience with County Teachers and Mitchell in particular has been excellent. I was working in a job that made me progressively more unhappy, but I was determined to stick it out regardless. Mitchell emailed me about a local teaching position which I initially ignored, as I was already working. However, he persisted and called me telling me about the opportunity. After giving it a little thought I decided to stick with my current job and refused the offer. At the end of the same day things at my workplace became unbearable and I made the decision to resign. I immediately called Mitchell to enquire whether the position he had contacted me about was still available. He informed me that it was and I expressed my interest. The following Monday, I travelled to Stevenage to meet Mitchell and register as a full agency member. Mitchell was extremely supportive of my situation and took time out of his very busy day to get me registered and ready to start work as soon as possible and by Thursday of that same week I found myself in a college I love, teaching a subject that is very close to my heart to four great groups of students. I can’t thank County Teachers and Mitchell enough for the amazing support and enthusiasm they have shown me. I am absolutely delighted with the warm and professional approach and the encouraging communication I have had.

Secondary Teacher: December 2017

I have nothing but praise for County Teachers, especially Maisie. She has been so helpful and supportive. She is always available for a chat both early on and later in a day. It’s so nice to have a point of contact to let off steam about the schools I’ve worked in. She is incredibly hardworking and professional. I look forward to continuing working with Maisie and County Teachers

John Cavendish: Primary Teacher, June 2018

I retired from full-time teaching last year after over 40 years experience. I signed up to a local agency who I constantly had to chase, they refused to help with any paperwork and never found me any work. Somewhat disillusioned, I decided to try a different agency, and could not believe the difference. County teachers are always polite and interested in you as a person, matching you to local schools where possible. I have dealt mainly with James who has always valued me as one of his “team”, but all the other staff are unfailingly polite and helpful-always ‘phoning to see how a job is going.
I have had regular work since joining them, and I am happy to highly recommend County Teachers to anyone wishing to undertake supply teaching.

Joy Mendelsohn: Secondary Teacher, June 2018

It takes time before you get to know if one agency is better than any other one. Only time will reveal the qualities or bad qualities of a supply teaching agency.

I registered with County Teachers before I got into teaching training then came to them when I stopped full time teaching back in 2014.

So far I have been very satisfied with their services and the way they handle any issue or query that requires quick answer or solution.

What I like most is their friendly and positive approach when calling them and emails are replied to with no delay at all.

I am mainly dealing with James and Charlotte who are always trying their best to fit the supply work around my private tuition schedule and so far daily basis or short term contract work well for me.

So yes, the proof of the pudding is definitely in the eating

Saida Goutel: Secondary Teacher, August 2018

“Having been working with County Teachers for a year, I am greatly impressed by the service they provide.  I have always had enough work to fit around my other commitments and have been given the freedom to shape my own working week.  All the staff have been friendly and supportive when I’ve needed to get in touch and Maisie has been fantastic in finding me regular and suitable supply assignments.  I’ve loved the breadth and variety of classroom experiences that I’ve had in the last year and look forward to continuing with County Teachers in the year ahead.  An excellent service”

Primary Teacher: September 2018

“I have worked with County Teachers for three years. In that time I have had the opportunity to experience different environments and I would definitely say that has made me more informed in the teaching profession.

The team are friendly, efficient and work hard to find posts that are suitable to my requirements. The flexibility has allowed me to make decisions that would otherwise have not been made which has made a huge difference to me personally”

Theodora Banks: Primary Teacher, September 2018

“This is the second time that I’ve registered with county teachers and both times, I have received regular daily supply work within the agreed distance ending with long-term placements.

Registration is straight-forward with good communication at each stage.

Information about each school placement is clear and detailed.

Charlotte and Maisie send regular communication, are easily reachable and respond quickly to messages.

I haven’t registered with any other agencies but suspect that they would be hard-pushed to provide a better service for teachers wanting to do supply than Maisie and Charlotte offer.

I would definitely recommend County Teachers”

Philip Marland: Primary Teacher, November 2018

I was in the process of applying for teaching work, having not taught for a while. I was looking to relocate so I initially chose London by way of easier public transportation. Since the last agency I worked for was County Teachers, with James Campbell, I asked him for a reference. He strategically persuaded me to come for an interview.
The interview with him was so comfortable, that it gave me the absolute confidence I needed for the first interview he sent me to. I got the job! Which was also lengthy work, exactly what a mother needs straight after the Christmas holidays.
Whether you’ve been in teaching for a while or haven’t taught for some time, a chat with James Campbell will most certainly revive you! Ensuring your love for teaching most certainly comes back to you.

Foluso: Secondary Teacher, December 2018

County Teachers have been great to deal with. Charlotte and Maisie always respond very quickly to any enquiries and the whole process of getting me set up as a supply teacher was very simple and easy. I feel like Maisie really listens to what her teachers want and I’ve never felt like I’ve been placed, or asked to work, in a setting/year group that isn’t suitable to me.

Jennifer Noble: Primary Teacher, February 2019

Maisie and Charlotte have been so wonderful about finding me work; a day has not gone by so far that I haven’t been matched with a school! They are always available and respond quickly to my texts, and somehow remember which days I have agreed to work and which I haven’t (which I can’t always remember myself!) I am so pleased I chose County Teachers, as from the start I have found them polite, friendly, helpful and always professional. I have found that they will often contact me to suggest a better alternative if one comes up (ie: a closer school/ full day instead of half day) which I really appreciate. It is these small things that make a huge difference, and I would definitely recommend them!

Katie Cochlin: Primary Teacher, March 2019

As a retired teacher, I recently decided to resume supply-teaching and registered with County Teachers.  I have had nothing but professional, courteous and friendly service from them.   Mitchell and James have been most kind and patient in finding me suitable work and Charlotte is a whizz at handling the admin.  I particularly appreciate the personal interest shown by all at County Teachers – it makes me feel that I am part of a caring team.

Jennifer Otto: Secondary Teacher, May 2019